Want to make sure own Weed Camo Carp Rig, here is a simple guide, you will need the following:

Hooks ( I recommend the Weed Camo "Pin point" range)


Weed Camo Material ( See store)

Heat Shrink


Size 8 Swivel

Rig Cone to shape heat shrink

Step 1 Tie a simple knotless knot to your chosen hook.

Step 3 Cut a length of Weed Camo Material 10cm's longer than the lenght of the rig you would like to end up with and thread one end of it over the hook.

Step 5 Once at the end of the Weed Camo Material remover the needle from the braid.

Step 7 Slide the heat shrink over the eye of the hook, make sure to leave some of the Weed Camo Material sticking out the end.

Step 9 Tie the swivel to the braid.

Step 2 Tie the needle onto the braid at the opposite end.

Step 4 Thread the needle in and out of the Weed Camo Material starting at the end threaded over the Hook. Try to only leave small gaps between each in and out.

Step 6 Slide your heat shrink over both the Weed Camo Material and the braid.

Step 8 Remove a small amount of the braid from the Weed Camo Material in order to tie on the swivel.

Step 10 Tie the Weed Camo Material to the swivel.

Use a Rig cone to shape the heat shrink and you are ready to go.